Advice On Claiming Southern Water Data Breach Compensation

On the 13th of February 2024, customers of Southern Water received notification that a data breach had occurred. Below, we look at who could be eligible to start a claim for Southern Water data breach compensation, in addition to explaining the incident in more detail.

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Key Facts On The Southern Water Data Breach

  • Southern Water is responsible for critical national infrastructure, supplying clean and wastewater services to some 4.7 million people across the south of England.
  • Southern Water issued a statement declaring that suspicious activity was detected on 23rd January 2024.
  • Following on from this, it is understood that between 5-10% of the customer base, between 450,000 and half a million people, as well as 2,000 current and former employees, may have had their personal data exposed in this cyber attack.
  • The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent body for upholding information rights, has opened an investigation into the data breach. 
  • Russian ransomware organisation Black Basta has claimed responsibility for the cyber attack. This group was also responsible for the Capita data breach last year. 



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What Data Was Affected?

Personal data is information that can be used to identify an individual, either directly or indirectly. Southern Water holds personal data such as the names and addresses of their customers, as well as contact information, bank account details and credit card information for billing purposes.

The UK GDPR also makes provision for special category data, which is deemed to be of higher sensitivity and therefore requires greater protections. Examples include racial or ethnic origin data, biometrics and health data.

While we have no confirmation from Southern Water that this data was exposed in the breach, some 2,000 current and former employees’ data is said to have been compromised. It is very possible that HR data that falls under the “special category” designation was exposed.

What To Do If You Were Impacted By The Southern Water Data Breach

As a data controller, Southern Water should have notified all affected data subjects who had been affected as soon as possible. A report to the ICO should also have been made within 72 hours. If you are a Southern Water customer who has not received such notification, such as a letter or email, you should contact Southern Water for clarification.

The ICO has opened an investigation and stated that anyone who is concerned about this data breach can contact them. Southern Water has offered its customers a 12-month subscription to enhanced Experian credit monitoring to help protect them from potential fraud.

You can also talk to us for free legal advice concerning a personal data breach. Our team are on hand 24 hours today to address your concerns, as well as provide a free assessment of your eligibility to claim.

How Many Were Affected In This Data Breach?

As we said above, these figures are only an estimate, but between 5 – 10% of Southern Water’s customer base has been affected. As the company provides essential water services to 4.7 million people, that’s potentially 500,000 people at risk of suffering damage.

In addition to this, approximtaley 2,000 current and former employees have also said to have had their data breached in this attack. If you have been affected or suspect you might have been affected, you can get free legal advice from our experienced advisory team using the number given above. 

What Impacts Could This Data Breach Have?

There are two types of damage that can occur following a data breach. These are:

  • Material damage: this refers to the financial impacts of a data breach. This can include money being stolen from your account, as well as ongoing damage to your credit score due to fraudulent purchases made in your name.
  • Non-material damage: the psychiatric harm caused by having your personal data breached. This can be stress and anxiety, to more serious conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

The potential loss of considerable sums of money, as well as the exposure of sensitive data, could cause those affected considerable psychological distress. A solicitor from our panel of data breach experts could assist you with making a Southern Water data breach compensation claim.

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Can I Claim Southern Water Data Breach Compensation?

In order to begin a Southern Water data breach compensation claim, you will need to demonstrate that there was positive wrongful conduct on the data controller’s behalf. This conduct must contravene their obligations under UK GDPR.

You must also prove that you suffered either a financial loss or psychiatric distress because of the breach.

If our advisors decide that you meet both of these criteria, a specialist data breach solicitor from our panel of experts could offer to take up your case on a No Win No Fee basis. The Conditional Fee Agreement (a form of No Win No Fee agreement) offered by our panel of experts means, in most cases, there will be no fees upfront, during the claim itself or if your claim fails.

You will only pay a fee if your claim is a success, and this fee is capped by the Conditional Fee Agreements Order 2013. 

For further advice on the Southern Water data breach or to get a free assessment of your eligibility to claim, contact our advisors today. You can call us on 020 8050 3051 at any time of day, or contact us online and arrange for an advisor to call you back.

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Thank you for reading our article on who could claim Southern Water data breach compensation. We understand that being affected by this data breach could be a highly distressing and difficult time.

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